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The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Office Systems is designed to provide essential training for students desiring to fill available office jobs. This program incorporates intensive training in business skills courses and provides a fundamental general education curriculum as stated by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. Graduates just entering the job market may be eligible for higher compensation due to skills acquired in the program. This degree is designed for occupational placement and is nontransferable. Some courses, however, may apply toward a baccalaureate degree.

Program Outcomes

After participating in the learning environment offered by this program, the student may secure employment in one of the following areas as evidenced by employment data.

At the completion of a degree, the student should understand the following and be able to:

  1. Use oral, written, and presentation skills to communicate effectively in the business.
  2. Evaluate ethical issues in business and information technology.
  3. Identify and interpret accounting concepts and financial data, including personal finance, corporate, cost and managerial accounting concepts.
  4. Analyze and install various computer operating systems
  5. Apply the law of contracts and property law to make business decisions.
  6. Identify and analyze the functions of economics as it relates to government decisions, taxation, and income distribution.
  7. Utilize research, design, and technology skills to create a functional website.
  8. Demonstrate understanding of business computer applications such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and PowerPoint.
  9. Evaluate the organizational behavior, legal, economic, and technical issues concerned with acquiring, motivating, and training employees.
  10. Analyze network specifications, security, design and evaluate solutions to meet networking needs.

Some of the courses in this program may transfer to senior institutions for credit leading to a baccalaureate degree. The student should check with the transfer institution before beginning course work intended for transfer.

The College Catalog/Student Handbook has more details about this degree.

AAS-OT Degree Plan