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The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Information Technology enables students to acquire knowledge and technical skills for entry-level positions in computer information processing, programming, computer operations, networking, database management and software installations. The program prepares graduates to enter a job, be productive with a minimum of on-the-job training and, with additional experience, to advance to positions of increased responsibility. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in business related courses.

The program also provides coursework for students pursuing knowledge in the computer maintenance and repair field and computer databases. Completion of appropriate coursework will enable students to prepare for the national exam for A+ certification as a computer technician, sit for the first exam to become an Oracle Certified Professional.

Program Outcomes

After participating in the learning environment offered through this program and successfully completing the required courses for the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business & Information Technology-Emphasis in Information Technology degree, the successful student should be able to:

Students intending to transfer to a four-year institution should verify the transferability of courses with the transfer instiutuion.

At the completion of this degree, the student should understand the following and be able to:

  1. Utilize research, design, and technology skills to create a functional website.
  2. Utilize technological skills to create and manage spreadsheet and database applications.
  3. Use technology and analytical skills to create basic computer programs.
  4. Disassemble and reassemble a computer to operational capacity. Install and maintain operating systems. 
  5. Analyze network specifications, security, design and evaluate solutions to meet networking needs.
  6. Evaluate ethical issues in business and information technology.
  7. Analyze and design the needs of an information system.
  8. Analyze, design, and implement database diagrams based and demonstrate basic understanding of SQL programming language.

Some of the courses in this program may transfer to senior institutions for credit leading to a baccalaureate degree. The student should check with the transfer institution before beginning course work intended for transfer.

The College Catalog/Student Handbook has more details about this degree.

AAS-IT Degree Plan