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Emergency procedures handbook

The College does not normally close because of adverse weather conditions. However, the obligation to provide services to the residents must be balanced with the risk of danger to College employees.

The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (VCSA) in consultation with the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will determine which College locations are affected (Mena and/or off campus sites). The recommendation will be presented to the Chancellor for a decision. The VCSA is responsible for (or will delegate responsibility for) notifying critical UA Rich Mountain personnel with the appropriate message(s) for the College notification system, the telephone system, the internet and other forms of social media, electronic outdoor UA Rich Mountain signs, and designated radio and/or television stations.

The Chancellor’s office will distribute to administrators an updated inclement weather contact that includes key UA Rich Mountain contact information plus radio and television stations’ phone numbers and websites with the College identification numbers/passwords.

In the event of overnight or early morning inclement weather, closure announcements will be made as early as possible on the website, local radio stations, and the student notification system. The announcement will include affected classes.

When the weather is deemed too severe for the College to be open at all or if inclement weather hits during the day, employees will not be required to report for work or make up the time off.