Services Provided


Tutoring services are available for subjects taught in high schools that are a part of the college preparation core curriculum (i.e., English, Science, Math). Each target high school has an Upward Bound tutor.  Upward Bound tutors are high school teachers or Upward Bound Representatives. Any student earning a “C” or below, in any subject, will be required to attend one hour of tutoring a week until the grade reaches a “B” or above. During this time, students will receive help with homework or study for an upcoming test. If a student is unable to attend tutoring sessions, is available.

Weekly Session Academics

Students meet in a classroom at their high school once a week with an Upward Bound Representative to enhance skills associated with college life outside the classroom. Sessions will focus on financial literacy, study skills, learning styles, time management, stress management, interest and abilities inventories, and college life. These sessions are an hour of exciting and interactive activities that differ from a typical classroom setting.

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Academic Advising

Academic advising is one of the major components of Upward Bound at the University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain. Students participate in a systematic career and college-planning program designed to assist them in exploring career options and preparing for college. Discussions include college admissions process, financial aid, scholarships and degree programs. Upward Bound Representatives include this material in their weekly session curriculum.

Saturday Academics

Students meet on the campus of University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain up to two Saturdays a month during the academic year. The Saturday sessions are approximately eight hours in duration. Sessions will include motivational speakers, leadership and teambuilding workshops, career exploration, and life skills. In addition, students will be exposed to college life, different cultures, science, and engineering by attending campuses, museums, plays, and national parks on various trips. Students will also have the opportunity to gain community service hours that will increase some scholarship opportunities. Saturday Academies are designed to enhance students’ ability to interact and build relationships with students from seven different schools in our surrounding area. This will help limit the culture shock often experienced as a college freshman.

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ACT Preparation

ACT scores are very important and can create great opportunities for students. Upward Bound provides an ACT Prepworks login for Upward Bound students that they can use at their convenience at no cost to the student. During their ninth/tenth grade years, the Upward Bound Representatives offer an in depth insight to this website that will encourage high scores on the ACT. Insert link:

Summer Academy

The University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain Upward Bound Summer Program is an intensive six-week session that prepares students to excel in the classroom. During this time, students get to experience college life by taking courses at the college. As a rising sophomore or junior, students will have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the courses they will be taking in the upcoming school year. Courses provided include Biology, Chemistry, Algebra 2, Geometry, Literacy, Spanish, Drama, English, Multi-Media and more. Rising seniors will have to opportunity to take a college course at the University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain for college credit. In addition, rising seniors will participate in a Robotics course to challenge their critical thinking skills. On Fridays, students will tour colleges to establish an environment driven experience in colleges across the state. The summer component is designed to simulate a college experience for UB participants.

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Work Study

Upward Bound has received grant funds to offer work-study for students during the summer. Several departments on the University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain campus participate in the work-study program. Students tour departments on campus and learn about the functions of each department as well as career options. Some of our Bridge Program students are placed in the community at various businesses for a “job shadowing” experience. These businesses often reflect the student’s career interest they intend to pursue.

End of Summer Trip

An educational summer trip will be planned to give UB participants additional educational, social, and cultural experiences. Students earn the weeklong summer trip by participating in weekly sessions, Saturday Academies, Summer Academy and doing well in all their classes. Past trips have included New Orleans, San Antonio, St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Omaha, and Washington DC.

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Bridge Program

Eligible UB students have the opportunity to participate in the Bridge program and earn college credit. Eligible students have been active in the program for 3-4 years. Students must have at least a 2.5 GPA, participate in two full summer academies. They must also have good attendance to Saturday academies and tutoring to be eligible for the Bridge program. Bridge students must be accepted to University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain for the Summer I session and be enrolled in the college of their choice for the following fall semester. The Bridge program is a great opportunity for UB students to earn college credit and experience college life with help of UB staff members.

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