Mike Martin

QOL Hosts Wildlife Photographer at Ouachita Center

L-R: Brenda Miner, Director of Johnson Learning Commons at UARM, photographer Mike Martin, Quality of Life Chair Bethany Hughes, and Director of Development Diann Gathright

2021-11-08 12:00:00

[November 8, 2021 | MENA, Ark.]  With a grant from the Division of Arkansas Heritage (DAH), Quality of Life, Inc. hosteds a presentation by Mike Martin in the Ouachita Center on the campus of UA Rich Mountain on November 8. DAH was created to preserve and promote Arkansas’s natural and cultural heritage. 

Martin is a renowned photographer featuring wildlife in Arkansas, including eagles and elk. His photographs have been featured in the Arkansas, New York State, Florida, and California parks departments’ literature as well as Cornell University’s Ornithology Department and the Field Museum of Chicago.  Additionally, his eagle photos have been published in Wildlife and Science magazines. 

Mena's Holly Harshman 5th grade class attended as well as members of the local community. 

This is the third exhibit held on the UARM campus in 2021 that has been made possible through the DAH grant authored by Miner. The event is open to the community, however, if you do plan to bring a group of 10 or more, you are encouraged to contact Miner at 479.394.7622 ext. 1370.

To become familiar with or to purchase Martin’s work, please visit his website at https://www.ozarknaturegallery.com/index.

Chancellor Phillip Wilson expressed his appreciation to Miner for her efforts in securing the grant and bringing programs such as Martin’s to campus and the local community.

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