UA Rich Mountain 2019 Honorees

UA Rich Mountain 2019 Honorees

[May 3, 2019 | MENA, Ark.] Honors evening was held Wednesday, May 1, in the Ouachita Center on the campus of UA Rich Mountain. “Honors evening is a very special event that we look forward to each year,” said Chancellor Dr. Phillip Wilson. “Friends and families are able to come and celebrate with us as we honor our outstanding students, faculty, staff, and alum.”

This year’s recipients are:

Kayla Blanton – Phi Theta Kappa President

Vanessa Rice – Phi Theta Kappa Vice President

Rebekah Williams – Phi Theta Kappa Secretary

Morrisa Tibbs – Phi Theta Kappa Treasurer

Christopher Brown – Phi Theta Kappa Public Relations Officer

Christopher Brown – Humanities

Stephanie Tapley – Actor's Guild

Jesse Townzen – Actor's Guild

Matti Youngblood – Psychology

Trista VanAelstyn-Hicks – Government

Austin Coon – Geography

Keilah Barney – History

Mandy Frayer – English

Allison Hughes – Physical Sciences

Shannon Abbott – Biological Sciences

Bradley Watson – Mathematics

Julton Sword – Information Technology

Stephanie Abbott – Office Technology

Consuelo McMillin – SSS Trio Hall of Fame

Kayla Blanton – Practical Nursing LPN

Heidi Myers – Practical Nursing LPN

Brooklyn Tackett – Registered Nursing RN

Susan Wahl – Career Pathways Outstanding Student

Victoria Needham – Career Pathways Academic Progress Award

Mandy Frayer – EOC Trio Hall of Fame

Diane Garcia – Health Information Medical Billing & Coding

Mason Dozier – Welding

Whitney Fowler – Massage Therapy

Daphne Davis – Cosmetology

Nichol Lindsey – Manicuring and Nail Technology

Kimberly Wise – Machine Tool

Dylan Davis – Machine Tool

Terry Francis – Outstanding Staff

Janet VanDeest – Outstanding Faculty

BillieJo Hendrix – Outstanding Adjunct Faculty

Paula Jones – Outstanding Alumnus

Breanna Lewis – Ambassador

Brandie Harrison – Ambassador

Wintney Powell – Ambassador

Marlenne Mendez – Academic All-Star

Breanna Lewis – President Student Government Association

Jason Wood Jr. – Secretary Student Government Association

Skyler Beck – Public Relations Student Government Association

Morrisa Tibbs – Sociology

Jaren Dillard – Machine Tool Gold Medal CNC Milling (High School)

Joseph Looney – Machine Tool Bronze Medal CNC Milling (High School)

Joshua McCoy – Machine Tool Silver Medal CNC Turning (High School)

Dylan Davis – Machine Tool Bronze Medal CNC Milling (College)

Kimberly Wise – Machine Tool Gold Medal CNC Turning (College)

Bailey Turner – Machine Tool Silver Medal CNC Milling (College)

Anna Denton – Outstanding Adult Education Student (GED)

Morgan Wadkins – Chancellor Transfer Scholarship Recipient to Arkansas Tech

Mandy Frayer – Chancellor Transfer Scholarship Recipient to SAU

Regan Sikes – Chancellor Transfer Scholarship Recipient to SAU


A photo album and video are available on the UA Rich Mountain Facebook page.