Students, parents, and community stakeholders,

Our summer planning for the beginning of the fall semester is coming to fruition. Students are in housing, and it’s just a few days until the semester starts.  One of our contingencies for which we planned was the possibility of a Covid positive student in housing. We anticipated that it was only a matter of time before COVID directly impacted our campus community. We do now have confirmed positive cases within our student population. We are working with local medical facilities and health officials to fully control the situation. Protocols were and are in place and affected students and staff were immediately quarantined and isolated.

Among UARM’s strengths is our small size and the amount of time we have had to prepare for this situation. It was unavoidable. It was expected. And, it is being managed.  It is the world in which we now live.  Our institution is no different than the many other institutions that have already been in the arena and fighting the virus.

I cannot stress enough the diligence that our team is showing with respect to the complete care of our students, faculty, staff, and community.  I personally have interacted with every student that has been impacted.  I am proud to say that each of them is safe and of sound health. We are in constant contact with each of them to care for any need that they require.

I will be as transparent as I legally can be throughout this semester. I urge you to stay focused on the facts and conquer misinformation and panic with FACTS.   Be confident in knowing EVERY effort has and IS being made to continually accommodate the educational goals and the health / well-being of our students, our employees of UARM, and all of our community stakeholders.

I ask of you to help out by doing your part in the fight to wear your mask and to socially distance yourself. Our success this semester lies in every effort being made to mitigate the spread while educating our students.


Phillip Wilson, Ed. D.