Invitation for Bids

BIDS: 9/4/2022
PROJECT: CDL Driving Range
Submission deadline: 9/19/22 at 10:00 AM CT

Official Bid Proposal Form

The University of Arkansas Rich Mountain (UARM) will receive sealed bids for the completion of a 50,000 square foot CDL driving range on the Mena campus located at 1100 College Drive, Mena, AR 71953. The project area has been marked for the work. The required services of a licensed contractor to complete the project include: (1) Furnish approximately 5,500 yards of fill dirt; (2) Finish grading preparation for new gravel surface that provides a stabilized/compacted 50,000 (approx.) square foot subgrade area with industry standards, including grade and slope to prevent accumulation of surface water (3) Furnish, install, and compact eight inches of AR DOT Class 7 Base (4) Furnish Payment and Performance Bond for full amount of contract.

Bidder shall be required to furnish and/or supply all materials, parts, equipment, or codes necessary for accomplish any and all tasks required to service the units or systems by this contract.

UARM will receive sealed bids until 10:00 AM local time on 9/19/22 at the Chancellor’s Suite, 1100 College Drive, Mena, AR 71953. Bids received after this time will not be accepted. Bids will be opened and publicly read aloud immediately after specified closing time. All interested parties are invited to attend.

The attention of all bidders is called to the fact that they must be licensed under the terms of Act 150 of the 1965 Acts of the Arkansas Legislature, subject to any subsequent amendments. Pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. § 22-9-203, UARM encourages all small, minority, and women business enterprises to submit bids for capital improvements. Encouragement is also made to all general contractors that in the event they subcontract portions of their work, consideration is given to the identified groups. UARM reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any formalities in the proposal deemed to be in the best interests of UARM.

A bid bond equal to amount of the bid must be submitted with the response to this IFB. Forfeiture of the bond will result if the successful bidder does not provide services, documentation, and assurances called for in this IFB and the resulting contract at the time of the effective date of the contract. The bond shall be made payable to the University of Arkansas Community College at Rich Mountain.

Official Bid Proposal Form

  1. Read all pages of Competitive Sealed Bid Document.
  2. Complete and sign the Vendor Information portion of the Sealed Competitive Bid. (Page 2)
  3. Complete alternate delivery requirements, if necessary.
  4. Complete official pricing sheet.
  5. Complete Minority Business status, if applicable
  6. Provide a copy of Vendor's Equal Opportunity Policy.
  7. Complete Grant and Contract Disclosure Form (EO 98-04).
  8. Complete Israel Boycott Restriction Certification Form.
  9. The entire bid packet must be returned.