AAS Massage Therapy

The Associate of Applied Science of Massage Therapy degree program expands student knowledge beyond initial licensure in Massage Therapy.  It prepares students for industry recognized licensure/certification examinations and then furthers their education in performing massage in clinical and medical settings, such as chiropractor offices, nursing homes, hospitals as well as upscale spa settings and health clubs. The degree is intended to broaden student skills in writing, mathematics, and social science in addition to earning enough clinical hours to become a Master Massage Therapist.

Program Outcomes

At the conclusion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply Revenue cycle management skills including medical coding and reimbursement methodologies.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics and confidentiality as required of a healthcare professional.
  • Apply the navigation of electronic and manual healthcare records systems and medical claims software.
  • Apply knowledge of medical coding, practice management, and healthcare reimbursement for payer collections and audits.
  • Identify accurate health information documentation for the organization, patients, and third party payers.
  • Apply legal principles, policies, and standards to protect the privacy and security of health information.
  • Reference and utilize payer websites for preauthorization, data interchange, and claims processing.
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology necessary to correctly code provider diagnoses and services.

The College Catalog/Student Handbook has more details about this degree.

AAS Massage Therapy Degree Plan