Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions

The coronavirus pandemic hit hard and hit suddenly. Because we are all living a new "normal" we recognize the many questions you may have. If you don't find an answer to a question you have, please email or call 479.394.7622. We are here for you every step of the way.

How can I get a transcript since I can’t come into the college?

A.      You can request a transcript online.   Please be advised you should allow a couple of business days for us to process your request.

How do I turn in my work?

A.      Please contact your instructor by email (Employee Directory) or leave a voice message on their extension so that they can address this question.  You should also check your UARM issued email at least once a day to get the latest updates from the college and your advisors.

Will we be having graduation?  Or Am I going to graduate?

A.      Graduation is still pending because of the current Covid-19 pandemic.  If you complete your current semester, you should graduate as planned.  When and how we will honor the Class of 2020 is yet to be determined, but for now, let your top priority be to finish strong in each of your classes. 

No one answers at the extension I was transferred to.

A.      To mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, faculty and staff are working on a rotation basis to lessen the number of employees on campus at one time. However, each and every call is important and is automatically forwarded to personal cell phones. Please understand that the person you are attempting to reach may be assisting someone else or in a zoom meeting. Leave a detailed message. We are committed to following up on every call. Email is also a good form of communication.

With campus closed, how am I suppose to return my books?

A.  Books will be due the week of finals, May 4th-8th. They can be dropped off at the tower room during times of 8a-10a and 2p-4p through that week.

Other options for returning books:
Books can be mailed to
UA Rich Mountain Bookstore
1100 College Dr. Mena, AR 71953. Make sure your name is either on the label or inside the box. If it is not there will be fees.

To avoid late fees: Books will need to be returned no later than the 15th. If either of these options are not going to work for your situtation call the bookstore at 479-394-7622 ext. 1810/1801 or email and we can make other arrangements for you.

Has Rich Mountain changed their grading scheme for Spring 2020 semester?

A.  Yes. Our faculty more than understands the hardship this pandemic created for our students. Here is what was adopted by the faculty:

  • Students who earn an A, B, or C can opt to change their grade to a P, which will not calculate into the GPA but indicates passing the course.
  • Students who earn a D can opt to change their grade to a CR (credit), which will not calculate into the GPA but indicates passing the course with a D (may not meet prerequisites for certain courses).
  • Students who earn an F can opt to change the grade to an NC, which will not calculate into the GPA but indicates no credit for the course.

Can I still register for summer or fall semesters?

A.     Yes! A complete course schedule is available: online course schedule.  Registration may not look quite like it normally would but this checklist will help walk you through every step of the way.

To help continue to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, both summer sessions will be taught online or via remote instruction methods. As has been the case with this pandemic, long-range decisions are difficult to make since what we know continues to be fluid. No decisions have been made for the fall semester regarding method of instruction.

I’m an incoming student-athlete. Who is my advisor?

A.     Be sure to continue to check your UARM issued student email for updates. It will include all of the contact information you need to be sure you are ready for the upcoming fall semester.

Can I still apply for Financial Aid?

A.     Yes. Our financial Aid professionals are available by phone and email to assist you in completing the necessary paperwork to ensure you receive all that you qualify for the upcoming fall semester. This link will walk you through most commonly asked financial aid questions and provide important phone numbers and emails: Financial Aid FAQs.

Can I still hold an event/wedding in the Ouachita Center:

A.  All events in the Ouachita Center have been cancelled through May.  We will continue to monitor the situation and make announcements on events scheduled for June 1 and beyond by May 15.