Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: University of Arkansas Rich Mountain exists to provide all residents of the Ouachita Mountain Region with exemplary educational and enrichment opportunities to improve the quality of life and standard of living.

Vision: University of Arkansas Rich Mountain is a gateway of opportunity for all residents who seek its services, and demonstrates respect for the worth and dignity of each person.

Values: University of Arkansas Rich Mountain, as a vibrant contributor to the quality of life of the Ouachita Mountain Region, seeks to provide an excellent learning environment based upon the following core values:

All who engage University of Arkansas Rich Mountain resources are treated with respect and challenged to
maximize their potential.

All students are encouraged to grow as individuals and citizens while expected to accept responsibility for learning.

A commitment to providing an atmosphere of respect and cooperation where diversity, ideas, inquiry, and the continued pursuit of self-development is emphasized.

Dedication to responsible stewardship and continued sustainability of human, fiscal, and natural resources.

Maintaining and expanding the impact the college has on the communities it serves through data driven responsible decision making.