ACT Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP)

The CAAP test is required for degree completion (and by the Arkansas Dept. of Higher Education) at UA Rich Mountain. CAAP scores, when compared to entry scores, provide UA Rich Mountain with the opportunity to measure student learning. Act 98 of 1989 requires UA Rich Mountain to administer an assessment program to evaluate student learning. This assessment is conducted each year to determine educational growth in the general education core curriculum. UA Rich Mountain uses the results of the assessments to determine if the institution's mission, goals, and educational objectives are being reached and to make revisions wherever deemed necessary.

  • University of Arkansas Rich Mountain covers the cost of this exam for our graduating students
  • Appointments are necessary through the Testing Center

Test Preparation for ACT CAAP

The ACT Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (ACT CAAP) helps students assess their skills and find out how much they've learned in the areas of reading, writing skills, writing essay, mathematics, science, and critical thinking. View our tips and resources to help students do their best on test day.

Getting familiar with test content

The purpose of ACT CAAP is to find out how much students have learned in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Writing Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Critical Thinking


CAAP Student Guide


Taking ACT CAAP Tests

Items to bring and what to expect

  • Bring the following to the test administration:
  • At least three sharpened soft-lead (No. 2) pencils with erasers.
  • A calculator, if you would like to use one.
    • ACT permits examinees to use a calculator on the ACT CAAP Mathematics Test, but not on any of the other tests. However, all problems on the test can be solved without using a calculator. You may use any four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator.
  • A wristwatch to pace yourself during the test. (no phones)
  • Approximately 4 hours of CAAP Testing in five subjects, with one 15 minute break midway

After CAAP Testing

  • Score Interpretive Guide 
  • Certificate of Achievement may be earned for subject(s) that you rank in the upper percentiles of your peers
  • Results are mailed to examinees address on file, approximately3-4 weeks after last CAAP test date