Career Center Graduates

Area High School Students Graduate from Technical Programs at UA Rich Mountain

Each year, the University of Arkansas Rich Mountain enrolls area high school students into classes within their Career Center program. The Career Center program allows high school students to gain career and technical education and skills during their senior year. Students receive both high school and college credit. Career Center classes include Machine Tool Technology, Welding, and Medical Professions Education. Students in Medical Professions Education get the opportunity to obtain their Certified Nursing Assistant certification.


After completing the school year, students graduate from their respective program at UA Rich Mountain with a Certificate of Proficiency. These students have the opportunity to take part in the graduation ceremony at UA Rich Mountain. All the classes taken within the Career Center coordinate with other UA Rich Mountain degree programs. This coordination allows students to continue their education or enter the workforce.


Below are the area high school seniors graduating with a Certificate of Proficiency:

Machine Tool Technology
Daniel Cottrell (Acorn)
David Dandikar (Mena)
Bradley Deramus (Mena)
William Foster (Mena)
Jodeci Ingoglia (Mena)
Jon O’Leary (Mena)
Van Rigby (Mena)
Alexander Tabor (Mena)
Samuel Richmond (Waldron)
Clayton Stockton (Waldron)

Alden Maywald (Acorn)
Austin McCoy (Mena)
Travis Mos (Mena)
Garrett Murphy (Mena)
David Odom (Mena)
Kaleb Reeves (Mena)

Certified Nursing Assistant
Jessica Collins (Acorn)
Ashley Duncan (Acorn)
Luz Alarcon (Cossatot River)
Casandra Lopez (Cossatot River)
Chelsea Busby (Mena)
Colten Foster (Mena)
Samira Davison (Mena)
Jamie Oglesby (Mena)