Document Resources and Readers

A Word about Software Downloads

Unfortunately, many sites on the Internet offer free downloads of legitimate software that have been bundled with adware, spyware, viruses and other types of malware. Be especially wary of any free software which purports to speed up or clean your computer. The links below are to legitimate sources of free software and viewers for documents commonly used in UA Rich Mountain courses.

Microsoft Office and Office365

All actively enrolled students have access to Microsoft Office365 for free. Office365 includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access. To set up an account, use this link containing your student e-mail address (in the body of the message) and your full name. After leaving UA Rich Mountain enrollment, students can maintain their Office365 access, if desired, by purchasing a subscription directly from Microsoft. For students only needing to view documents created within Microsoft Office, the following free viewers are available for download from Microsoft.

Microsoft Word Viewer

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

Microsoft Excel Viewer

Other Downloads

VLC Media Player (for audio and video files)

Adobe Reader